Urban Racoon

Urban Racoon

  • Light grey



Enjoy an impressive range of 210 kilometers.


High discharge Samsung cells with a capacity of 555W/h


It weighs only 25 kg, but has a maximum load capacity of 130 kg.

The Urban Racoon redefines electric city cycling with premium components. With a powerful Bafang M800 motor, Galfer brake discs for safe braking, Michelin Power All Season tires for perfect grip and a strong and light carbon fiber frame. With Shimano PRO saddle and innovative screen, it offers elite technology, comfort and performance.


The Bafang M800 motor for e-bikes offers a series of benefits that significantly improve the electric cycling experience in the city. With a robust design and advanced technology, this motor stands out in the world of cycling. Performance: The Bafang M800 motor provides perfect performance for the city, allowing cyclists to face any unforeseen event. It offers ideal power, ensuring smooth and efficient assistance with each pedal stroke.


Galfer brake discs are widely recognized in the world of urban cycling, especially for electric bicycles, thanks to their exceptional performance, durability and advanced technology. Galfer, a Spanish company with decades of experience in the manufacture of braking systems, has developed a range of brake discs that adapt perfectly to the demands of urban electric bicycles.


Michelin Power All Season tires are designed to offer exceptional performance and versatility all year round, especially in urban conditions. Michelin, one of the most prestigious and recognized brands in the tire industry, has developed the Power All Season range to meet the needs of cyclists looking for safety, durability and efficiency in their daily trips, regardless of the weather.


Shimano PRO is a brand that offers a wide range of high-quality components and accessories for bicycles, including saddles. Shimano PRO bicycle saddles offer a number of benefits that can improve the rider's comfort and performance. Some of these benefits include: Ergonomic design: Shimano PRO saddles are ergonomically designed to adapt to the rider's anatomy and provide adequate support. Quality construction: Shimano PRO saddles are usually made of high-quality, durable materials, such as carbon rails, titanium or light alloys.


Carbon fiber is an extremely versatile composite material and is used in a wide range of applications due to its numerous benefits. High strength and rigidity: Carbon fiber is exceptionally strong and rigid, despite being quite lightweight. Compared to steel, it is much lighter but equally strong, making it an ideal material for applications where high strength and rigidity are required, such as the aerospace, automotive, sports and construction industries.


Discover innovation in every pedal stroke with our new display for electric bicycles! At Bewatt, we are proud to present our latest advancement in electric bike technology: a display designed to take your cycling experience to the next level. This display has been meticulously created with cyclists in mind, offering a range of exceptional features that will completely transform your cycling journey.


Frame: made of carbon fiber

Complete Toray


Engine: Bafang M800



Battery: Lithium-ion 37v

555W/h Samsung cells


Fork: made of carbon fiber

Complete Toray


Handlebar: Carbon in 400 or 420 mm

Saddle: Pro Turnix Performance (black)

Tija: Carbon with frame closure


Discs: Galfer 160mm

Brakes: Shimano XT/ GRX

Rims: Carbon profile 40 mm

Hubs: Novatec with Sapim CX Ray spokes.

Front tire: Michelín All Season 700x28

Rear tire: Michelin All Season 700x28


Shift: Shimano GRX IIV.

Crank: Bafang 170 mm

Cassete: Shimano 11v 11-42.

Chain: Shimano HG-X11.

Plate: 44D.


Display: EPAC with 5 levels of assistance

App: available for iOS and Android.




CF 470 500 530 550 580
L 515 525 545 560 590
I 149,7 155,3 161,7 175,4 187,5
A 74,5º 74º 73,7º 73º 72,5º
B 71,5º 72º 72,5º 73º 73,5º
F 579 579,3 530 550 580
P 415 415 530 550 580
T 130 130 140 160 180
D 72 72 72 72 72
R 50 50 50 50 50
G 380 380 380 380 380
STACK 539,8 541,6 530 550 580
REACH 365,3 369,7 383,3 384,6 402,5
WB 983,3 983,5 996,1 999 1081,2