Professional sportspeople, budding talent, people that fill us with inspirations and find their authentic passion in an electrified adventure. These are the qualities that represent our BEWATT ambassadors.


A fan of skateboarding and snowboarding since he was a child, Daniel García is one of the benchmarks of Spanish electric skateboarding. He has a career spanning more than 25 years in the world of urban and mountain e-skate. His enthusiasm and passion for this modality have led him to become an expert in this discipline. His great knowledge helps us to test and design all our electric skateboards.



Inveterate traveler, map that sees map that travels.

He began the adventure of his endless journey with only 18 years and 50 dollars in his pocket. Without knowledge of more languages, he left a small town in an agricultural area of ​​Argentina and has traveled around 40 countries, learned 5 languages ​​and has created a YouTube channel where he recounts his journeys. In addition, on his trip he has learned programming, photography, marketing, salmon fishing, juggling, music, gastronomy management, cryptocurrencies, warehouse marketing, video creation and professional diving among other things.

He likes to break with tradition and walk untrodden paths to have experiences that no one has ever lived before. All this in order to pave the way and inspire those who want to live without limits.



Andy Soucek, Madrid-born professional driver, Formula 3 and Formula 2 champion and third F1 driver in 2010.

After five years as an official Bentley driver, he is currently competing in various international competitions within the GT3 category.

Andy has a long history of sporting around the world, having competed in the MOTORSOIRT professional elite for more than 25 years. In addition to his professional achievements, he is an ambassador for the legacy of María de Villota and sports director for McLaren Barcelona. His most outstanding achievements:


  • Spanish Champion of Formula 3
  • European Champion of Formula 2
  • Third F1 driver (Virgin Racing F1)
  • 2nd Blancpain Endurance Series
  • Bentley Factory Driver 2015-2019
  • 2nd GT World Challenge America
  • 2nd International GT Open
Coche carreras

lucas ordoñez

A professional Spanish motor racing driver, he entered the world of motorsport by winning the first edition of the GT Academy in 2008, a driver development program that takes place in the Gran Turismo video game on PlayStation. After this victory, he made the leap to asphalt from the virtual world. He is currently an ambassador, producer and commentator for Gran Turismo.


  • Runner-up in the 24 hours of Le Mans in 2011 in the LMP2 category
  • Champion in the 2011 Le Mans Intercontinental Cup.
  • Champion 24 Hours Dubai SP2 in 2014.

Motorista en desierto

manuel campa

An artist from Madrid with a degree in Fine Arts, he stands out for his realistic and figurative style. He began painting portraits, later linking it to one of his great passions: his love for classic bicycles. This painter from Madrid has managed to establish himself internationally thanks to his unique car paintings, with a level of quality and exceptional details.

His great talent for painting has led him to exhibit in large cities such as New York, Madrid, Miami, Tokyo, among others, but not only that, but he has also collaborated with major brands such as Porsche, Play Station, Coca-Cola, Dunlop, Kia among the most notable.

Manu belongs to the team of ambassadors for Mini and Tag Heuer, now he will join the team of ambassadors for BEWATT not only because of how much bicycles mean to him and the love he has for them, but also because of the desire to return to the origins collaborating with BEWATT.