The parts used to build each and every part of our BEWATT e-bikes are of globally renowned quality and elevate our electric products even further to stand out from the crowd.

French company specialised in the manufacturing of tyres founded by brothers Édouard Michelin and André Michelin on May 28, 1889, set up for the production of bicycle tyres. Its headquarters are located in the city of Clermont-Ferrand, capital of the Puy-de-Dôme department, in the geographical heart of France.
A leading Swedish company in the motorsports industry since 1976, producing its first motocross shock absorber that same year. With a primary focus on providing high quality products and support related to high-end suspension technology for its customers worldwide.
Japanese multinational company, based in Sakai, Japan. Renowned for manufacturing components for bicycles, as well as components for fishing and sports such as canoeing, canoeing, rowing, winter sports and golf. The company was founded by Shozaburo Shimano in February 1921 (100 years ago).
The company was a pioneer in the bicycle industry in using cold forging to produce components, which revolutionised the industry and led to high quality parts.
Leading Swedish company specializing in the motorsports industry since 1976, the year that they made their first motocross shock absorbers. The company’s main focus is on providing high-quality products and support to their clients around the world, basing everything they do on delivering high-end suspension technology.
Leading company in the manufacture of friction materials and braking system components for the motorcycling and bicycle sectors. Industrías GALFER began manufacturing brake pads and discs specifically for MTB in 1998, developing them jointly in collaboration with the main European brake system manufacturers, and is currently the only Spanish manufacturer of brake pads for bicycles. The company has almost 20 years of experience in the MTB sector, meaning GALFER BIKE brake products have become a guarantee of quality
Italian company specialized in the manufacture of premium bicycle components for road and mountain biking.
The company, dedicated to innovative design, research, material development and manufacturing processes, guarantees top level components offering maximum performance even to professional cyclists.
American company specialised in the development and manufacture of e-bike specific drivetrain components with a durable, simple and high performance and durability shifting system. Box Components was founded in 2012 by sportsman Toby Henderson.
Leading American company since 1974, specialised in the MTB textile and equipment sector. The California-based company's products combine innovation, functionality and style, rooted in the brand's original competitive spirit. Specialists in bike forks and shock absorbers.
PRO products are the result of continuous research and development using the latest material and design technologies. The brand's goal is to understand the unique needs of each cyclist and manufacture components specific to the requirements of the most demanding customers.
Spanish company specialised in the manufacture of road and MTB wheels. Rothar is always at the forefront, featuring a wide range of technology and specific machinery for the production of high performance and durable wheels.
Founded by Paul Turner, former motocross pro, in 1989. Brand specialised in developing and manufacturing suspension for MTB bikes. Part of the SRAM Corporation Group. Through a culture of research and constant innovation they have developed products for the best athletes with outstanding results at international level.

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