You also have the opportunity to share with us your most innovative concept. We are passionate about hearing your ideas and being part of their transformation into reality. At Bewatt, we believe that every creative mind is unique.

So, do you dare to take the first step towards innovation? It does not matter if you are still polishing your idea or if you have a complete sketch ready to take shape. We are here to listen to you, understand your desires and needs, and turn all of this into a tangible model: your own BE UNIQUE.


This world-renowned artist from Madrid has designed a limited edition of 8 unique pieces for BEWATT.

He has taken his favorite BEWATT bicycle model as a canvas, the Road Ram in which he reflects his style pop, realistic (without the "hyper") and figurative, making an interpretation of BEWATT and his ecosystem of electrified sport.


The challenge... to tell the story of our ambassador Sara García through illustrations that represent moments of her life.

Thanks to the talent of the artist Chichinabo Inc. and the meticulous execution of Rocket Colors, we have as a result this unique painting so special and unrepeatable.


This Gulf number 9 model commemorates the first victory for Gulf Oil colors at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1968, with Pedro Rodríguez and Luden Bianchi at the wheel of the Ford GT 40 for the team of the legendary John Wyer.< /p>

It is an e-bike designed for those nostalgic for racing and the vintage style that Steve McQueen brought to the movies in the 70s.



Our team of expert designers is waiting to help you and walk you through the customisation of your BEWATT product.

There are no limits when it comes to customising your product, and you’ll have access to the full advice of an in-house designer. Make your e-bike, skateboard or scooter a unique piece!

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