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Urban Beetle

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Enjoy an impressive range of more than 25 kilometers on a single charge.


Full charge of the battery in just two hours.


It weighs only 9 kg, but has a maximum load capacity of 100 kg.


105mm diameter polyurethane wheels let you glide smoothly across smooth pavements with increased speed and traction. This skate is ideal for boardwalks, urban lanes and more.


The deck is made with 8 layers of Canadian maple (maple), bamboo and fiberglass, which gives it greater flex and resistance. In addition, it has Cell-Blocks located between the board and the truck, which allows you to make incredible turns and maneuver with ease. This skate is specially designed to move around the city with style.


High quality lithium battery and manufacturing in-House with state-of-the-art high-discharge 37 volts cells and in 5 Ah format (185 w/h). Intelligent control of charging and discharging cells with automatic protection mode BMS (Battery Management System).


The latest generation cells provide superior power to climb slopes of up to 35% without effort. With two high-performance 600w brushless motors, it achieves a total of 1,200w nominal. It has a great power of high intensity discharge.


The wireless Bluetooth controller for the electric skateboard is an efficient and practical solution. With acceleration and braking functions, as well as indicators of speed, direction of travel, battery level and distance traveled, it provides complete and convenient control for the optimal driving experience.


Motor: HUB Dual 600W (1.200W)

Maximum power with minimum consumption.


Battery: lithium. In-house manufacturing

37v high discharge in 5Ah format. With BMS protection.


Controller: 2 channels

Latest generation regenerative brakes.


Table: concave shape, with greater Flex

8 layers of Canadian maple, bamboo and fiberglass.


Wheels: 105mm smooth polyurethane.

Axles: Bushing and double kingpin suspension system (aluminum alloy).

Brake: double brake system, regenerative electromagnetic motor.


Maximum speed: up to 25 km/h. Additional mode for closed circuits.

Battery autonomy: between approximately 25-30 kilometers.

Charging time: approximately 2 hours.


Dimensions: 110x27x12 cm.

Maximum weight allowed: 100 kilograms.

Skateboard weight: 9 kilograms.


Remote control: bluetooth wireless remote control with display.

App: available for iOS and Android.