OneWheel GT S-Series

OneWheel GT S-Series




With a next-generation 113V drivetrain, you can fly uphill and into the wind while enjoying additional torque, power and control at high speed.


Completely redesigned battery, BMS and power stage. 50% more voltage and mind-blowing performance in a lighter package.


The Series S's thinner Lowboy pads slow down the ride. Refined concave, rounded edges and a 24mm setback at the rear.

16-25 kilometers of autonomy

(16-25 miles)

25 km/h maximum speed

(16 miles/h)

150 minutes

To obtain a maximum load

Motor: S-Series Tuned Hypercore hub

Battery: NMC

Sensors: solid state MEMS 6-DOF

Tire: 11.5in x 7.0-6.5in Performance Treaded Tire

Max lean angle: >30 degrees

Size: 9.5in x 11.5in x 29in

Weight: 33lbs