Vera and Dani Barón ambassadors of BEWATT

brothers barón, vera and dani join our team of bewatt ambassadors.

Ambassadors 29 Abril

brothers barón, vera and dani join our team of bewatt ambassadors..

Ambassadors 29 Abril

These young Spanish brothers began to share a passion from a very young age, which has led them to become young promises in the world of cycling in the trial modality.

BEWATT will count on these brilliant brothers in its team of ambassadors to continue to closely support its growth and future success in the world of cycling.


Vera Barón has a great record, she has been proclaimed Champion of Spain four times, winner of the Trial World Championship, gold in the UCI Trial World Cup, and bronze in the UCI European Trial Championship.


Dani Barón also has an excellent track record in the world of trials, with victory in the Spanish Junior Championship and victory in the team event of the Urban Trial World Championship. He was bronze at the World Championships and fourth at the World Cup. He currently ranks eighth in the UCI Trials Ranking.