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Mountain Wolf PRO

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The Bewatt Mountain Wolf PRO model maintains the carbon fiber frame made in Spain and the titanium anchors characteristic of our e-bikes to maintain the durability, resistance and lightness of our electric bicycles.


Equipped with the Bafang M620 engine. Providing our e-bikes with the qualities of one of the best electric propulsion manufacturers in the world. The Bafang motor of the Bewatt Mountain Wolf PRO maintains a nominal power of up to 250W and a maximum torque of 160Nm. It has an internal 48V Lithium-Ion battery with state-of-the-art high-discharge cells and a capacity of 1200 Wh.


We manufacture our Mountain Wolf ebikes using the components of the most recognized brands on the market: Öhlins front and rear suspension, transmission entrusted to Box and Shimano brakes, with 4 pistons and Galfer discs. Michelin tires with their E-Wild model with X-Gum technology designed for the best ebikes on the market, E-Save-Battery and Bafang engines give rise to ebike models with the best qualities and qualities, thanks to the alliance with our Partners.


Frame: made of carbon fiber

Complete Toray.


Motor: Bafang M620 with rated power of 250W

160Nm torque (limited to 25km/h)


Battery: Lithium-ion 48v. In-house manufacturing

Sanyo cells with a capacity of 1200W/h


Shock absorber: Öhlins


Fork: Öhlins

RXF36 170mm travel


Handlebar: Shimano PRO Koryak 35mm

Saddle: Shimano Pro stealth Sport

Postpost: Shimano PRO Koryak telescopic.


Discs: Galfer 203mm and 2mm thick specific e-bikes

Brakes: Shimano Saint 4 pistons

Tires: DT Swiss 1900 Mullet

Front tire: Michelín E-Wild 29x2.60. Tubeless Ready

Rear tire: Michelín E-Wild 27.5x2.80. Tubeless Ready


Change: BOX TWO. 9v specific for e-bikes.

Crank: FSA

Cassete: BOX THREE 12-46. 9v.

String: Box.

Pedals: Shimano GR500.

Plate: Bafang 44T (Aluminum).


Display: EPAC with 5 levels of assistance

App: available for iOS and Android.




A 110mm. 120mm. 130mm.
B 55,6mm. 55,6mm. 55,6mm.
C 622,8mm. 646,3mm. 674mm.
D 420mm. 446mm. 470mm.
E 623mm. 632mm. 641mm.
F 510mm. 510mm. 510mm.
G 710mm. 710mm. 710mm.
H 1242,3mm. 1266,3mm. 1294,4mm.
I 410mm. 451mm. 510mm.
J 66º 66º 66º
K 72,5º 72,5º 72,5º
L 290mm. 290mm. 290mm.